Attribute Die Life Points Initiative
Agility d12+d4 20 d12+d4+d6
Strength d12+d4 Endurance Resistance
Vitality d10 d10+d10 d10+d10
Alertness d6
Intelligence d6
Willpower d10

Undying Nomads (d4)


Resistant to Heat (d4) You may add this trait die to all rolls to resist the negative effects of heat/fire in any form. Damage will still happen, but this will reduce that damage by the trait die where feasible or count as armour equal to ½ the trait die.

Potential Undying (d6) You are a member of the Undying Nomads. This is placeholder Complication that will remain until you die. When you would die, roll a complex Endurance roll (adding any appropriate Assets) against a TN of 135. You have a maximum number of rolls equal to the Vitality OR Willpower die. If you succeed, you will replace this Complication with the “Undying (d12)” asset. If you fail, you are dead, and the character’s life is over.


Overconfidence (d6) You will become undying.

If you become Undying, Potential Undying (d6) becomes Undying (d12).

Undying (d12) gives the character the following Assets and Complications:

Immortal(d12) No more aging and you will regenerate from death.
Fast Heal (d6) You recover from damage at twice the normal rate.
Overconfidence (d6) You cannot die.



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