Attribute Die Life Points Initiative
Agility d10 22 d10+d10
Strength d12 Endurance Resistance
Vitality d10 d10+d12 d10+d10
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Willpower d12

Minotaur (d6)


Enhanced Senses (d8) Minotaur have an incredible sense of smell and hearing and can sense beings just fine with almost no light. They can track someone by scent alone. They rarely get lost.

Formidable Presence (d6) Minotaur are big and scary-looking, and most know how to take advantage of this fact.

Horns (d2) Minotaur have long, powerful horns that can make an innate attack Strength+1 Basic damage. They can perform a grapple with their head.


Eats others (d6) The Minotaur consider any meat a meal when hungry. This trait is well known.

Ugly (d4) Big, with a bull’s head on a human body, Minotaur have struggles integrating with other humanoids.



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