Nyhemia Shadowpaw

Attribute Die Life Points Initiative
Agility d12+d4 22 d12+d4+d10
Strength d6 Endurance Resistance
Vitality d10 d10+d12 d10+d10
Alertness d10
Intelligence d6
Willpower d12

Wolfen (Dogfolk) (d4)


Teeth/claws (d4) Wolfen unarmed attacks are dangerous. This is exactly like the inherent weapon asset, as the Wolfen does Basic damage with teeth and claws but adds this die to all unarmed attacks with teeth and claws that causes Wounds.

Thick Fur (d6) keeps the Wolfen warm and provides armour of half the trait die.

Hardy Constitution (d4): Wolfen can resist the effects of most toxins and diseases.


Short-lived (d2): Wolfen live about half as long as humans, and come of age in about 1/2 the time.

Duty (d4): Wolfen are loyal to a fault. Once they add you to their pack, they will fight to the death for you.

Out for Blood (d4): Wolfen are hunters, and if they take something down it is very likely it will be killed.


Nyhemia Shadowpaw

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