Trey (TJ)

Attribute Die Life Points Initiative
Agility d12+d2 20 d12+d2+d12+d2
Strength d10 Endurance Resistance
Vitality d10 d10+d10 d10+d10
Alertness d12+d2
Intelligence d8
Willpower d10

Elves (d6)

Allure (d4) Elves possess an ethereal beauty that enchants most other races.
Attuned to Nature (d2) Most at home in their woodland homes, elves have an affinity with the natural world.
Enhanced Senses (d2) Elves can see in near-darkness as well as they can in the bright of day.
Longevity (d12) An elf will generally live to be nearly 200 years old before old age sets in.


Prejudice (d4) Elves are raised to distrust and dislike non-elves and outsiders.
Lazy (d4) elves are aloof, as a race, and have to be convinced to get involved. Once involved, they are hard to stop, but it’s hard to get then to take that first step.
Overconfident (d6) elves feel superior to other races and it shows.

The elves of Horin are a tall, slight people who live among the trees of Horin’s great forests. Long-lived and aloof, the elves are something of a mystery to many humans, but the occasional elven wanderer or merchant family leaves the safety of the forest to walk the rest of the world. As impressive as Dwarven metalworking is, the elves have a woodworking tradition just as ancient.


Trey (TJ)

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